Otaku Academy

Otaku Academy. A facebook group that was formed in June 2015 by Warren Mongo. He invited several of his friends and slowly it grew until suddenly a burst came. In a period of a few months several thousand members came and he had to get more admins. In the beginning he just made admins of his friends but than he gave adminship to those who he thought trustworthy. Constant trolls are on the proll but we quickly annihilate them and keep a constant watch to make sure this group doesn't turn out like others. Now, the growth continues at a current member count of over 7000 members! We hope you'll join us Otaku Academy!


Warren Mongo

Otaku Academy Owner, He created the group! Has full access and authority to nearly every branch of Otaku Academy!

Juanita Rufino

Otaku Academy Head, the boss lady when Warren isn't around. She is the main leader in the Otaku Academy Group.

Cameron Grimes

Here since the beginning, now in charge of the Facebook Page. He breaks more rules than all the members combined. Makes pizza.

Payten Healy

Payten is one of the admins of the Otaku Academy facebook page. Along with him is Cindi Winchester. (Trap God)

Mesa Nyu

She is an Aspiring Businesswoman who helps manage Otaku Academy. Her main role is to help the admins as a counselor.

Dalton Smith

Otaku Academy Website Webmaster and Coder, also he manages the twitter page. Be Warned. He(I) is a pervert :3

Acacia Dayringer

Joining early and being quite active, this lady quickly earned the right to sit among the council members!

Rohan Kun

Just like Acacia, Rohan has been us since the beginning. He is fairly active and a very vigilant admin. He watches you... always ^_^